How To: Watercolor Valentine’s Day Cards

Designed By: Kansas McGraw, IG: @kansascreative
Time to Complete:
Skill Level:
Messy Level:2
Age Range:6-8


Watercolor cards can be easy and fun to make for those you care about, especially for Valentine’s Day. In this video, we will be making 3 different cards using watercolor inks, metallic paint, watercolor paper and of course paint brushes.

Card 1:

  1. Using your paintbrush in the number 8, paint waves of Cadmium along the front of the card. Be sure to leave spaces in between each wave for the gold that we will be adding in later on.
  2. Next, add Crimson to the top of each wave to make it a little darker.
  3. Add the gold metallic paint in between each wave to give it shimmery detail.
  4. Let it dry!

Card 2:

  1. Using your paintbrush in number 5 and watercolor inks in the colors Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Lake Blue, and Violet.
  2. Next paint hearts from the bottom of the paper to the top in a ‘floating’ layout.
  3. Ombre tip: Paint the heart shape with water and then add the colors you want inside the water heart shape. You can also paint a heart shape in a diluted version of the color you want and then add another color. This is called the wet-on-wet technique.
  4. Let it dry!

Card 3:

  1. Finally we will make the easiest card of them all. Using the colors Magenta, Orange, and Violet, place the colors down on your paper using the dropper on the watercolor inkbottles.
  2. Add water to the paper and take a sandwich bag or any kind of plastic material and lay it down on the paper.
  3. Once the watercolor inks spread into the shape you desire, dab up any excess liquid with a napkin and move the remaining around your paper by titling it.
  4. Let it dry!

Once your cards have completely dried, add fun and cute words to the front of them and send it to those you love!