How To: Watercolor Heart Stamp Valentine Card

Designed By: Missy Boris, IG: @doublemlettering
Time to Complete: 10 - 20 minutes
Skill Level:
Messy Level:2
Age Range:3-5


Step 1. Collect supplies~ 4×6 watercolor paper, clear contact paper, pencil with clean flat eraser, Brea Reese Glitter Inks or Watercolor Inks and Brea Reese Metallic Brush Pen in Silver

Step 2. Cut out heart shape from clear contact paper, remove backing and stick to watercolor paper

Step 3. Dip pencil eraser in Brea Reese Inks and dab all around the clear contact paper on to the watercolor paper

Step 4. Let dry

Step 5. Remove the clear contact paper with a sharp edge

Step 6. Use Brea Reese Metallic Brush pen to letter the word Love

Step 7. Let dry overnight, spray a light coat of a workable clear fixatif to protect the postcard for mailing

Step 8. On the back of the postcard add message, mailing address and stamp and drop in the mail


What You Need For This

Brea Reese Glitter Inks (Cadmium Red, Crimson, Medium Magenta, and Pink used in video)

Brea Reese Metallic Brush Pen

Brea Reese Watercolor Paper

Clear Contact Paper

Pencil with clean, flat eraser

Clear fixatif spray