How To: Watercolor Bookmarks

Designed By: Marie Diemert, IG: @beebeesletters
Time to Complete: 10 - 15 minutes
Skill Level:
Messy Level:2
Age Range:3-5


PROJECT TIP: Have fun! Wear gloves if you don’t want your fingers stained.

Before you begin:   

  1. Cut out three 2”x7.5” bookmarks out from 140lb watercolor paper
  2. Round the edges if you would like with scissors or a tool
  3. Use a hole punch at the top if you would like to add a tassel later.

Hearts Bookmark:

  1. Using just 3 watercolor inks, medium magenta, cadmium yellow, and ultramarine blue and size 6 round brush, water down the inks you have dropped onto a plate or palette and paint hearts.  
  2. Add more water for less intense colors and more ink for more pigment.
  3. Add yellow to the magenta to create a nice blend.  
  4. Mix ultramarine blue with medium magenta to create a pretty purple.
  5. Experiment with different color blends for various effects.
  6. Splatter paint by tapping paint off of your brush onto the bookmark.
  7. Dry your bookmark.
  8. Outline the hearts with a black or colored fine liner to make them stand out


Rainbow Bookmark:

  1. Use the same three inks and a Brea Reese Water Brush filled with water.
  2. Tape your bookmark down with washi or painter’s tape
  3. Cover your bookmark with a thin layer of water from the water brush.  
  4. Add ultramarine blue to the bottom quarter of the bookmark, then add yellow to the top of the blue
  5. Add more water and more yellow as you move up the bookmark.  
  6. Add medium magenta to the top portion of the yellow and a bit more magenta above that.  
  7. Use your water brush to move and blend the colors.  
  8. Pick up excess paint and water lightly with a paper towel.
  9. When it’s dry you can remove the tape.
  10. Use a marker to letter or illustrate on the bookmark.

Heart Balloon Bouquet:

  1. Begin with your round brush and medium magenta ink.  
  2. Outline each heart with the ink.
  3. Fill in the heart shape with just water on your brush pulling in the pigment from your outline.  
  4. Leave a blank or white area with no paint towards one of the sides of the heart to create the balloon 3-D effect.
  5. Experiment with the colors you can make when adding additional colors to your hearts.
  6. Add paint splatter if you like by dipping your brush in water first and then the tip in the ink and tapping your brush over the bookmark.  
  7. Once it’s dry outline your hearts with a fine liner marker and add strings to make your balloon bouquet.

What You Need For This

Brea Reese Watercolor Ink (Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, and Medium Magenta used in video)

Brea Reese Medium Water Brush

Brea Reese Round Brush Set

Brea Reese Fine Liner Pens

Brea Reese Watercolor Paper


Ribbon or Yarn for tassels

Washi tape/Painter’s Tape

Heat tool