How To: Use Liquid Glitter

Designed By: Marie Diemert, IG: @beebeesletters
Time to Complete: Depends on Your Project
Skill Level:
Messy Level:3
Age Range:9-12


PROJECT TIP: Be sure to give your Liquid Glitter a shake before opening and using as the silver additive settles to the bottom, also swirl it in your ink in the palette.

Brea Reese Liquid Glitter Silver Additive adds amazing amounts of glitter to any of your
watercolor inks.
1. Once you have a few drops of your watercolor ink in a palette simply add a drop or two
of the Liquid Glitter.
2. Now use your inks as you always do! Just be sure to swirl it with your brush in the
palette if it has sat for a while, as the sparkle will settle to the bottom.

1. Add a few drops of the Liquid Glitter to your palette.
2. Have your watercolor paper and fine water brush, filled with water, ready to go.
3. Start with just your water brush and swirl in the liquid glitter. Brush Letter your first
letter. Use the side of the brush for thicker down strokes and the tip of the brush for
thinner upstrokes.
4. Add a very small amount of the watercolor inks you choose right on top of the Liquid
Glitter. I’m using lake blue and medium magenta.
5. Add more Liquid Glitter and/or water from your water brush by squeezing gently to help along the blending of the colors.
6. Repeat the process for each letter.