How To: Spring Wall Art

Designed By: Kansas McGraw, IG: @kansascreative
Time to Complete:
Skill Level:
Messy Level:1
Age Range:9-12


1.    Practice the structure of the floral in a line drawing before you begin to make it easy for you.

2.    Prepare your palette. I used the colors Deep Rose, Magenta, Peach, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, and Kelly Green.

3.    Tape off a rectangle shape in the center to stop yourself from painting where you will letter.

4.    Mix your colors together and then begin painting your floral shapes using the brush in number 8. 

5.    Mix Deep Rose and Magenta for the first floral; Magenta and Peach for the second; and Peach for the third. For the small floral shape, I used Peach and Yellow Ochre. Add variety to you floral shapes by painting thick and thin strokes.

6.    Begin painting the leaves. I used the colors Sap Green, Kelly Green and Yellow Ochre. Painting the leaves coming out from each floral. Fill the paper up with them, but leave a little bit of white space.

7.    Once your painting is finished and dry, remove the tape and letter the word ‘bloom’ using a watercolor pencil to give yourself an outline [you can also freehand.] I used my grey watercolor pencil because it is a neutral color.

8.    Finally, paint the word bloom using the same colors on your palette.

9.    Let it dry and hang it up to celebrate the season!