How To: Metallic Florals

Designed By: Marie Diemert, IG: @beebeesletters
Time to Complete: 30 - 60 minutes
Skill Level:
Messy Level:1
Age Range:6-8


PROJECT TIP: Use less water for a more concentrated color

1. Gather your supplies, find a few pictures of tulips you would like to draw, practice
drawing a few to get a feel for the shapes, or practice along with me in the video with
pencil first.

2. Once you are comfortable with the tulips you’ve drawn lightly in pencil, go over them
with a waterproof/bleedproof fine liner, I used a .45mm. Add line details as you would
like. Make sure the lines are dry and erase any pencil marks.

3. Open up your Metallic Watercolor Pan set. Using the Round 5 or 6 brush liberally wet
the surface of the metallic pink. It will take a few seconds for the paint to absorb the
water and be ready for painting.

4. Use the center of the pan set and add some of the pink, add additional water to it so
that you can create a light wash for the flowers first. You can also do this directly from
the color pan but be careful to not get too much. The first coat should be very light.

5. Do this for each additional tulip you have drawn, alternating colors as you have chosen,
or I used metallic pink, copper and gold mix for orange, metallic yellow, Caribbean
green, sapphire blue, amethyst, and for the tulip bud, pearl white with the tiniest
amount of metallic pink on the edges.

6. For the leaves mix the metallic yellow and ice blue until you are satisfied with the green
you’ve made, test it on a piece of scrap watercolor paper.

7. Wait for the first layer to be mostly dry. Now go back over just the line details of the
tulips with the same colors you used before. This time it should be more concentrated
and less water on your brush. You will know when you need more water, because the
color won’t show up on your brush, the pan will be mostly dry.

8. For the leaves add a layer of the darker metallic sage to one side to add depth to the

9. After this layer dries add more color where you like! You should have a good feel for it