How To: Alcohol Ink Easter Eggs

Designed By: Marie Diemert, IG: @beebeesletters
Time to Complete: 10 minutes per egg
Skill Level:
Messy Level:5
Age Range:9-12


1. Gather your favorite Brea Reese Alcohol Inks, & make sure your hard-boiled eggs are
2. Put a protective covering on your table or paper towels.
3. Supervise children and make sure your room has plenty of ventilation (we opened a
window near us)
4. Put a drop or two of Brea Reese alcohol ink directly on to the egg or directly onto a dry cotton ball.
5. Cover the surface of the egg you would like with that color.
6. Leave white (blank space) for a different effect.
7. Add another color with a new cotton ball on top of the first color that’s already been
applied to the egg to make new colors and to create more color variation.
8. With a small amount of Brea Reese blending solution set aside, dip a Q-tip into the blending solution and dot it onto the color of the egg. Repeat until you love your egg!
9. Using a straw or heat tool, move the alcohol along the surface of the egg.
10. Alcohol Ink dries quickly so if you cover the top first and wait about 30 seconds you
should be able to flip it over and hold the other side of the egg, leaving no finger prints.
11. Seal your Eggs with an acrylic or varnish spray sealer (adults only)

What You Need For This

Brea Reese alcohol ink

Brea Reese blending solution


Paper Towels


Cotton balls


Heat tool

Hard boiled eggs