How To: Alcohol Ink Coasters

Designed By: Kendall Mills, IG: @kendallwritesonthings
Time to Complete: 10 - 15 minutes per tile
Skill Level:
Messy Level:5
Age Range:9-12


PROJECT TIP: WEAR GLOVES, your hands will thank you. Also, have a designated set of brushes for alcohol ink & clean with isopropyl alcohol quickly after use to prevent ruining your brush.

Step 1.  Prepare your surface area, Inks will stain, so make sure you’re working on something you don’t mind getting messy.

Step 2:  Take your clean tile, pour a little blending solution onto the tile. Then add your first color.

Step 3:  Working quickly, use a straw or hairdryer to blow ink around the tile surface, creating patterns as the ink dries. You can continue to lighten the inks by adding more blending solution as you blow air to move the inks.

Step 4:   Repeat step 3 with your next colors. Pro Tip: remember your color wheel and use complementary colors to achieve the best blends.

Step 5: Keep going until you’re happy with the patterns. There is no wrong way to play with alcohol inks!

Step 6: Set somewhere out of reach of your cat who hates your artwork and wants to mess everything up, let dry for 24-48 hrs.

Step 7: Seal with protective spray once completely dry.

Step 8: Enjoy all the compliments your friends will give you on your rad new coasters.

What You Need For This

Brea Reese Alcohol Ink (Used in Video: Med. Magenta, Cad. Yellow, Lake Blue, Ultramarine Blue)

Brea Reese Blending Solution

Brea Reese Large Coarse Roller

Brea Reese Paint Brushes


Ceramic Tiles


Hair Dryer

Compressed Air (Optional)