Create a beautiful Alcohol Ink Painting in just minutes! – with Marie Diemert

Working with alcohol inks can be intimidating, but with the right techniques, you can create gorgeous ink paintings in minutes. Watch artist Marie Diemert walk you through the basics of creating beautiful overlapping blends with three colors of alcohol inks.


Designed By: Marie Diemert @beebeesletters
Time to Complete: 20 mins
Skill Level:
Messy Level:3
Age Range:9-12


Please Note: Using waterproof paper or another waterproof surface such as ceramic tile, glass, or plastic is critical for achieving the desired results with alcohol ink. Alcohol Inks are dye based, and can stain, so it’s best to cover your work area with plastic sheeting and wear gloves. Use alcohol inks in a well ventilated area, and facial masks are recommended. 

1. Begin with just a few drops of the alcohol ink colors that you want to blend, spread apart from each other on waterproof paper.

2. Dry each of the colors with a blow dryer on the lowest setting, or a heat tool.

3. In the video I use cadmium yellow in the center, turquoise in the bottom right, and magenta in the top left. Notice none of them overlap yet.

4. Add alcohol ink blending solution to the edges of the turquoise.

5. As soon as you see the color begin to seep into the blending solution, use your blow dryer or heat tool to push the color toward the color you want to blend it with.

6. Next do the same with the cadmium yellow, but this time using your blow dryer or heat tool  to move the color toward the turquoise, the cadmium yellow and turquoise create a bright green when blended together.

7. Add more blending solution to the area of the yellow that is closer to magenta and move the color with your dryer toward the magenta.

8. Now, add blending solution to the medium magenta alcohol ink and use your blow dryer or heat tool to push it toward the yellow, these colors blended together will make an orange.

9. Add more blending solution where you want your colors blended more. Use the blow dryer / heat tool to move the color where you like.

10. Experiment with different colors and how they blend and how to use your blow dryer with your inks. Have fun creating!!