How To: Use Watercolor Pencils

Designed By: Kansas McGraw, IG: @kansascreative
Time to Complete:
Skill Level:
Messy Level:2
Age Range:9-12


Watercolor pencils are fun and super simple to use. They are convenient and easy to control like regular colored pencils, but once you wet the pigment on the paper, they behave like watercolors.

The easiest technique to use when working with colored pencils is to lay down 2 or 3 colors side by side [but also overlapping them just a bit] then wet your paintbrush and paint over your markings that are on the paper. Blend the colors together and let dry before adding another layer on top. Repeat this until you are comfortable working with these watercolor pencils.

Once you are comfortable working with colored pencils, you’ll be ready to illustrate different subjects like the cherry painting that is being demonstrated in this video. Start off painting simple subjects, like this cherry painting, that have different shades of 2-3 colors. Then work your way up to pieces that have many colors and shades.

Just remember to always have fun and keep practicing!