Create Blended Hand Lettering with our Dual Tip Brush Pens

Designed By: Olivia Payne
Time to Complete: 30 mins
Skill Level:
Messy Level:1
Age Range:9-12


1. Pre-draw or trace your letters with pencil.

2. Decide which colors you’d like to include in your Ombre blend, and which order you’d like to use them in. We used teal, blue, and fuschia.

3. Starting at the left hand side of your letters, fill in your letter shapes with the first color you selected, until you reach the point where you want to blend with the next color.

4. Overlap the next color onto your first color and blend the second color into it with the brush tip. Continue to fill in your letter shapes with the second color. 4. Repeat this process with your third color, blending until the color transitions look seamless.

5. Erase any visible pencil lines.

6. Enjoy your beautiful Ombre creation!

What You Need For This

Brea Reese Dual Tip Brush Pens 

Marker Paper