Watercolor Cream Set – Classics


Draw or Paint with our best-selling Watercolor Cream Sticks. Similar to a creamy pastel, they can be layered on all kinds of porous surfaces like wood and paper or blended with water to create a painterly effect, using techniques similar to watercolors.

Can also be used on chalkboards and great for cars when drive by celebrations happen. Just be sure to use a wet eraser on chalkboards and gentle soap and a sponge to remove from cars.

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How to Use Our Watercolor Creams


Brea Reese Watercolor Creams combine the function of a writing tool with the aesthetic of traditional watercolors. Brea Reese Watercolor Creams are perfect for creating your next watercolor masterpiece! These creams can be used on any porous surface such as canvas, wood, or watercolor paper. Add water to blend colors effortlessly. Use a paintbrush, water brush, or mister. These high-quality, rich-colored creams will bring your work of art to the next level.

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