Pigment White Alcohol Ink Single


Opaque White Alcohol Ink adds a bright touch to works of alcohol ink art. Especially fun to use in resin, this pigment based alcohol ink holds its shape, rather than dispersing in the resin.

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When used on paper, the white tends to react like metallic inks, pooling and rivering, rather than mixing with or diluting the dye based alcohol ink colors. Use Alcohol Inks on non-porous surfaces like our Waterproof Paper and Panels, or on ceramic or glass. Just a few drops is all it takes to get started as it flows easily and dries quickly. Shake well before you drop on to your work. Pigments hold their color in sunlight, so no need to seal with a UV protectant.

Watch a demo of alcohol ink painting using white

Learn about using white alcohol inks in resin

*We recommend working in a well ventilated area when using alcohol inks. Keep bottles tightly capped when not in use.

Contains Pigments – Shake Well before and during use
Imported, Made in China


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