Pigment Alcohol Ink Silver 20 mL


Metallic Pigments shimmer and shine in Brea Reese Metallic Alcohol Inks which flow freely when combined with Blending Solution or alcohol. Since they’re pigment based, these inks tend to lay on top of the colored dye based Alcohol Inks, creating gorgeous pools and rivers of silver metallic accents. 

Use Alcohol Inks on non-porous surfaces like our Waterproof Paper and Panels, or on ceramic or glass. Just a few drops is all it takes to get started as the colors flow and blend easily and dry quickly. Shake well so metallic pigments can disperse before you drop on to your work. Pigments hold their color in sunlight, so no need to seal with a UV protectant.


Use our Fine Nozzles & Extra Fine Nozzles to cover the tip of the bottle and create thin lines of color rather than drops for superior control and detail work.
Masking Fluid allows you to cover areas before applying the inks – then peel off to expose what was beneath after the ink has dried.
Blending Solution keeps things flowing – we have both 20ml and 60ml sizes
Acrylic Surfaces are fun to work on and provide instant gratification… just glue on a magnet or add a wire to hang.

Watch a demo of alcohol ink painting using metallic accents


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