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With a hybrid formulation of dye based color and shimmering colored pigments, our new Shimmer Alcohol Ink combines gorgeous translucent color with lustrous shine. The pigments match each of the colors; creating highs and lows of color rather than a simple metallic sheen. Super fine pigments were used, so the colors still flow freely when combined with Blending Solution or alcohol.

Due to the pigments, Shimmer Alcohol inks must be shaken well before using. The pigments naturally settle to the bottom of the bottle; cover and shake as you work with them. A small amount of separation of pigment can happen when blending solution is added – this is normal. These pigment based inks tend to ‘act’ as metallic alcohol ink does, they can sometimes sit on top of other colors and may take a little longer to fully dry.

Use Alcohol Inks on non-porous surfaces like our Waterproof Paper and Panels, or on ceramic or glass. Just a few drops is all it takes to get started as the colors flow and blend easily. 


Use our Fine Nozzles & Extra Fine Nozzles to cover the tip of the bottle and create thin lines of color rather than drops for superior control and detail work.

Masking Fluid allows you to cover areas before applying the inks – then peel off to expose what was beneath after the ink has dried

Blending Solution keeps things flowing – we have both 20ml and 60ml sizes

Acrylic Surfaces are fun to work on and provide instant gratification… just glue on a magnet or add a wire to hang.

Watch a demo of alcohol ink painting here.

Learn about using alcohol inks in resin here.

*We recommend working in a well ventilated area when using alcohol inks. Keep bottles tightly capped when not in use.

20ml bottles

Dye Based with Pigments added for shimmer – resulting in super lustrous colors

Shake Well before dispensing

Imported, Made in China


  1. shcass

    The shimmer inks are absolutely spectacular, and this color is my favorite by far. I’m usually into purples and blues, but this color just makes every painting look phenomenal. It mixes beautifully with pinks and purples and blues. It really is a must have addition to any color collection. The shimmer is just right too. It gives nice texture and shine that isn’t too overpowering. It’s just enough to really add that something extra to your painting. ❤️

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